Michael Kold is a speaker, educator, and best-selling author. He has worked with people and personal development since 1998.

With more than 10,000 hours of teaching in front of live audiences, he has taught and coached thousands upon thousands of people in how to follow their hearts and create positive changes in their lives by focusing on their goals, opportunities, and potential.

Based on the philosophy that what he does has to work in real life and not just in theory, he inspires thousands of people all over the world every day on social media.

With his laser-sharp focus and many years’ experience, he also functions as sparring partner, trainer, and educator in many small and large companies.

Michael is best known for his work to create positive change. He does this by showing others how they can realize their full potential by following their hearts, listening to their intuition, and reestablishing balance in their energies, thoughts, and behavior, making it possible.


Here are a few testermonials from some of Michaels customers:

“I have defined precise and obtainable goals, and I have become a better communicator at the same time.”
Trine Jelling

“A great course, which has improved my communication skills. What I have learned about goal-setting has been super great, and it has helped me highly.”
Jacob B. Kristensen
A.P. Møller - Maersk A/S

“The course has made me understand myself better and understand the way I influence other people verbally and nonverbally.”
Marianne Hildebrandt
Hospital of Southern Jutland in Denmark

“The course has given me tools to create change for myself and others and a greater awareness of communication.”
Mette B. Pedersen
CSC Scandihealth

“After the course, I have become much more open to, and better at, defining precise goals, breaking them down to smaller pieces and making them more digestible.”
Linda Forsyth
Novo Nordisk

“The biggest aha! experience has been that I can do what I want to, and there is no limit to what I can do.”
Lasse Lager

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“The course has given me some tools to make me a better communicator.”

Berit Lauridsen
Profil Match ApS

“I have become better at reading other people, and my communication has become more efficient and effective.”
Martin Winther Nørlev

I think that Michael is a talented and competent teacher, who uses NLP to support his training – I have GREAT respect for that!”
Lise Brinkman Madsen

“Michael is an incredibly professional and experienced teacher, who has taught me a lot about how much is hidden in the communication of language.”
Charlotte Kierstein

“The most important thing I have learned is that, by changing my behavior, I can meet people in different way now. This means that I create greater understanding.”
Louise Poulsen
Copenhagen Police

“I have learned to have a more positive outlook on things. The program has taught me to focus on the fact that other people have different world views than me.”
Rikke Pi Lind
The Danish Association of Managers and Executives

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“I have become more capable of changing my mental strategies and even better at understanding and asking detailed questions about people’s motives and challenges.”

Connie Rosenqvist

“The business angle of the program makes it realistic. I think that it adds a real value personally, professionally, and to my role as manager.”
John Mandrup

“Michael Kold’s program is one of the most important things which has happened in my life. It’s liberating and great to find out that just tiny adjustments open up to possibilities, and that you can be successful in what you want to.”
Tina K. Rasmussen
Novo Nordisk

“Michael is an incredibly capable and competent teacher. He manages to rearrange the way you think reality is, but he is with you all the way, and at no point will you be uncertain whether you are going to reach the finishing line or not.”
Minna Warthoe

“The biggest experience of this program has been to let go of the control, break boundaries and experience that it’s GREAT to be me!”
Lotte Midtgaard

“Besides from him being super charming, bloody annoying and not someone who falls for a flirt, I think that Michael is good at explaining and giving time. A great teacher with a lovely smile.”
Tina Poulsgaard
Ren Ejendomsservice


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